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Aug 8, 2019

Stoy meets up with the guys from Viking Guitar, a VGM Metal Band from the U S of A!! Dan and Grant are also part of Metroid Metal as well. 

Erik Peabody (guitar)
Dan Taylor (bass)
Ryan Postlethwait (guitar)
Grant Henry (guitar)
Adam Henry (drums)

The guys share how they got together as a band, how they collaborate playing music together and hitting up live shows across the country (including a lot of great stories from MAGFest). They also talk about some of their influences and inspirations, some of their favorite songs they play live, and some great ones they've recorded. 

Songs in order of appearance:
Street fighter: Sweep The Leg            Album: Viking Guitar
Scortched Earth (Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)         Album: Warpath
My Sweet SOPHIA (Blaster Master)      Album: Viking Guitar
Charge Shot (MegaManX2)       Album: Warpath
Whipcracker (Castlevania IV)      Album: Viking Guitar
Pain Doesn’t Exist in this Dojo      Album: Viking Guitar
From The Earth To The Moon (Cave Story)     Album: Made of Metal

Check them out! 

Viking Guitar
Yes, Mayhem 

YouTube: Viking Guitar YouTube
That Go Pro Incident HERE 


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