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EXPCast : A Video Game Podcast

Thanks for listening to EXPCast! Join Stoy, Dan, Pat and Josh as we sit around talking about video games. Join us as we talk about video game news, previews, upcoming release dates, interviews, and plenty of side quests where we talk about good topics surrounding video games. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @EXPCast

Nov 29, 2021

Josh, Dan and Stoy give their honest, sometimes brutally and incoherent, impressions of the latest Resident Evil movie. Josh leaves real confused. Other than that, we play games like Monster Hunter, DEEEER Simulator, Kena Bridge of Spirits, and Bujingai The Forsaken City. 

Thanks for listening! We are part of the Boss...

Nov 25, 2021

Besides talking a lot about bleached hair, frosted tips, and the movie Equilibrium, we talk about the state of backwards compatibility and who should be responsible for stepping up to be able to play classic games across ALL generations. Should the Big 3 step up and bring classic games back to modern hardware, or is...

Nov 22, 2021

Josh and Dan join Stoy to taste test beer cotton candy and dried Cod. Underwhelming. Other than that we talk about Xbox's 75 game releases that are backwards compatible, the upcoming MultiVersus game, and playing games like Resident Evil 4 VR, Darkest Dungeon, Max Payne 3, Advent Rising, and MANY MORE! We have a lot to...

Nov 18, 2021

Zack Parkerson from the Gaming Outsider Podcast joins Stoy today to talk about the DC Comics universe, and some of the best games made. Mostly Batman, but there's a few other good ones like the Lego DC Supervillains, Injustice 2, Green Lantern, and many more! Enjoy the episode, and be sure to follow Zack Parkerson on

Nov 15, 2021

Josh and Stoy are joined by the ever so handsome Jacob, AKA Galutrad on every social media platform you find, and a member of the Nintendo Pow Block podcast. We talk about Best Buy and Walmart getting into the scalping and gatekeeping game with PS5s, broke GTA Remastered news (and our thoughts on playing them), and...